Criterion Games has released several of its game jam projects for free

Criterion Games has released several of its game jam projects for free

Criterion Games has released six game jam titles to the public to promote three selected charities. You can download all six of them for free from Criterion’s official website, but the UK-based developer is pushing fans to consider donating. The chosen charities for the game jam include the British Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, and Show Racism the Red Card.

All three of these are popular charities in the UK and are well known for their great work. The British Red Cross focuses on improving the quality of life for the most vulnerable British and international citizens. Doctors Without Borders, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières, assists desperate individuals stuck in wartorn countries. And Show Racism the Red Card aims to tackle racist viewpoints and behavior in sports, education, and society as a whole.

Criterion’s game jam

Criterion may be best known for its work on Burnout and Need for Speed. However, every year, its employees get together for an annual game jam. These usually just act as fun events for developers to test their mettle. But sometimes, they become something bigger. For instance, Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission began life as a game jam project.

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The six playable games from the game jam include Arcadron Arena, Steak 4, quaranTea, Rock Hardcore, Purrfect Cleaning Company, and daydream. Each game varies massively. For instance, they have 2D platformers covered in Rock Hardcore, while Arcadron Arena represents the racing genre.

Arcadron Arena Criterion Game Jam

According to Criterion’s VP and GM Matt Webster, the studio never released its previous game jams because he presumed Electronic Arts wouldn’t allow it. The American publisher owns Criterion Games and therefore also owns anything they create. However, when he decided to ask them this year, they gave him the green light to do so.

These projects have not seen proper bug testing, and you shouldn’t really consider them complete products. Even so, they serve as a great showcase of the passion many developers have for their job. Consider checking them out and donating to charity to show your support.

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