Cross-platform Cross Plane hits Kickstarter

Play all your consoles, anywhere in your house, on a Nintendo GamePad-sized device. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

The Cross Plane has just hit Kickstarter and currently sits at about $13k with 41 days to go. Advanced Gaming Innovations is looking to finish up at $350k, so they’ve got a good ways to go till their funded. They just might make it though, thanks to how genuinely ambitious this project is.

I can’t think of any one accessory that I’d rather add to my home setup more than something like the Cross Plane. Kind of like the Nvidia Shield, the CP can stream your games from your PC for handheld play anywhere your Wi-Fi network will reach. Unlike the Shield, the Cross Plane can not only stream your PC games, but also your Xbox 360, PS3, or even your Blu-Ray player or TV.

The GamePad and it’s off-screen play option is one of the best things about the Wii U as far as I’m concerned. Extending that to whatever console (theoretically next-gen rigs included) is a just plain awesome idea that I can’t believe nobody has moved on already. Thankfully, AGI is seeking to remedy that little oversight.

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If you’d like to check the project out or contribute to the end goal yourself, just click here to head to the official Kickstarter site.

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