Cross-play between PC and PlayStation has arrived in Fall Guys

Cross-play between PC and PlayStation has arrived in Fall Guys

Developer Mediatonic has released the mid-season update for Season 6 of Fall Guys. Amongst other smaller changes, the big news is that Fall Guys‘ PC and PlayStation communities can now play together thanks to the introduction of cross-play. In the announcement blog post, the developer credits Epic Games’ “swanky tech,” for making this possible.

Previously, cross-play was only available in Custom Shows. But as of today’s update, all playlists support it. This includes all team-based game modes, like Squads Show and Squads Duos. Furthermore, the post hints that similar support may be following for both Switch and Xbox by describing this as a “first step.”


Fall Guys players wanting to take advantage of cross-play will have to have a linked Epic Games account. Those who haven’t done this yet will be prompted to the first time they launch Fall Guys after downloading this update. Once that’s done players can freely add and invite friends to their lobbies via the Epic friends list.

Additionally, a new game mode will be added in the near future. Named Sweet Thieves, this mode divides players into two roles: Thieves and Guardians. The Thieves are tasked with stealing candy pieces while the Guardians have to find the Thieves and detain them. However, captured Thieves can be freed by teammates so the Guardians have to stay alert at all times.

Fall Guys Sweet Thieves Next Up

The fall of Fall Guys

It is no secret that Fall Guys had a huge player base at the peak of its popularity. According to Steamcharts, it was attracting over 172,000 players on Steam alone. For a paid title, that is impressive. However, its popularity has since dwindled, although, not to the extent you may think.

Fall Guys still manages to consistently peak at over 11,000 concurrent players on Steam, which is respectable. Add on to that the many console players and it’s clear that Mediatonic’s platforming battle royale is still in a good place.

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