Cross your fingers, there might be a Double Dragon revival coming

The guys who made Guilty Gear have officially picked up the rights to classic arcade/console brawler Double Dragon.

The title screen from the last DD game – Double Dragon Neon

Oh how I freaking loved Double Dragon. In pretty much any form, DD was a favorite of mine as a kid, though I spent the vast majority of my time with the franchise playing on the NES. There was just something about that game that was monstrously addictive.

You might remember a few years ago there was a new game in the series called Double Dragon Neon. The game was more than a little tongue in cheek and loaded up with more references to the 80s in general than DD in specific, though it hit some high notes there too. Hang onto your bandana though, because with any luck, Arc System Works will be producing a true successor to the line.

Having just picked up the rights from former holder Technos Japan Corp, along with some other properties, it’ll be up to Arc to carry on the tale of Billy and Jimmy Lee. And they’re actually well-suited to that task, as they did the port of the original game over to the Sega Master System years (and years) ago!

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So, as I said, cross your fingers.

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