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DC Comics and Funko Toys’ reimagining of the DCU as a barbarian fantasy is about to get an exclusive 100 page Giant. It’ll be exclusive to Target stores.

Cue foreboding music

Are you a fan of Funko Toys’ DC Primal Age toys? The figure line launched on Amazon last year, and is now spreading into Target stores nationwide. These aren’t your typical DC Comics flavored figures though, these are something all together different.

Building on Funko’s “Savage World” line, Primal Age reimagines DC Comics heroes and villains in a barbarian mold. So you get a Dark Knight that dresses in primitive armor and rides a massive wolf as his “batmobile”.

A bunch of characters have gotten the 5.5″ treatment in the line, and there’s even a Batcave playset that measures up quite well to the iconic Masters of the Universe Castle Greyskull. Actually, the whole line fits right in with those 1980s-era, classic figures. It’s just one of the cool little things about the series.

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Up until now though, there was no narrative to go along with the toys. And I say “up until now” because today’s DC Comics news fills in that gap nicely.


DC’s “Giant” line of 100 page comics has been doing quite well at Walmart stores. It’s been exclusive to that retailer since its debut. The goal is to get new and lapsed fans interested in comics once again, with volumes that contain reprinted tales and a new, exclusive story.

This new book however, breaks with all of the above. Well, not all, it’s still 100 pages, but the rest of what the line has been changes for this one. DC Primal Age is a 100 Page Giant exclusive not to Walmart, but Target, so you’ll find it right along side the action figures on the endcap.

The book is all new, and features a main story that’ll run 32 pages from Marv Wolfman and Scott Koblish. Past that, the rest of the Giant holds “”glimpses into the reimagined backstories and superpowers of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and other iconic DC characters.”

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And like the main tale, the backups also come from known comic book talent. Scroll down to see how the content shakes out. It’s available right now at Target stores for $9.99 USD.

  • “The Primal Age” (32-page main story) – Written by Marv Wolfman with art by Scott Koblish
  • “Born on a Monday” – Written and drawn by Jerry Ordway
  • “Ice and Fire” – Written by Louise Simonson with art by Phil Winslade
  • “Darkest Knight” – Written by Louise Simonson with art by Brent Anderson
  • “The Joker’s Wild” – Written by Jerry Ordway with art by Chuck Patton, Karl Kesel and Tom Derenick
  • “Not a Bird…” – Written by Marv Wolfman with art by Keith Pollard and Jose Marzan Jr.

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