Cyanide and Focus Home launch new Styx site, complete with trailer

Visit the new website for the game and then watch the little goblin skulk, sneak, and thieve in this all new trailer.

Styx: Master of Shadows continues to look like something very different indeed, and very cool too. Not based on combat and open confrontation at all, Styx tasks players with taking control of an underpowered protagonist who has no choice but to sneak and use his wits to confuse elven and human guards to get to his goal.

As you can see too, it’s pretty darn good looking to boot. Along with the new trailer, a new website for the game has launched. This is set to be a horde of info for gamers who want the latest official word on the game and all its intricacies. Of course, you’ll also find an all-encompassing gallery as well as trailers and looks at gameplay included there as well- so a little something for everyone.

Not too far off at this point, Styx: Master of Shadows is set to launch on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One this coming October.

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