Cyberpunk meets magic in Leap of Fate, now available on Steam

A pretty awesome-looking little roguelike, Leap of Fate is now on Steam.

“With Leap of Fate we wanted to make a fresh roguelike with more narrative substance”, said Mattieu Bégin, lead developer of Clever-Plays. “There’s no main evil guy to defeat, it’s about overcoming your own fears, discovering your own fate. For me, it’s the culmination of a decades-long journey, from making tabletop RPGs and board games as a child to running an independent games studio today. We’re so excited to release our debut game and can’t wait to see which of the four playable characters is the most popular. There’s some strong discussion online already!”

Taking place in a modern cyberpunk/fantasy world, Leap of Fate is loaded up with secret societies, cults, magic, tech, and plenty of action. Each character has his or her own story to play through, complete with cinematics, and the the levels are all procedurally generated, so you’ll never play the same thing twice.

Leap of Fate is available right now from developer Clever Plays and will run you $15.99 USD. It’s available for the PC on both the Humble Store and Steam (naturally).

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