Dark Horse announces The Art of Mana

A classic RPG series is about to get the art book treatment from Dark Horse. The Art of Mana is an inside look at the visuals of Secret of Mana and more.

Secrets laid bare

The first title in the Mana series from Square Enix debuted on the GameBoy in 1991. Yes, the GameBoy. I had no idea, but apparently Final Fantasy Adventure is the first entry in what’s become a long running series of fantasy RPGs.

Since that first title, there have been a number of entries. Maybe the most famous of these was the SNES’ Secret of Mana, but according to the Wiki there have been a ton of them, especially if you count the spinoffs.

It’s unclear from the press release just how many of these games will be included in the new book from Dark Horse. Whatever is in there though, there’s going to be a decent amount to look at.

The book is set to be over 200 pages total, wth some 400 illustrations.

The first official art book of Square Enix’s hit Mana video game series, The Art of Mana collects more than twenty-five years’ worth of memories with over 200 pages featuring more than 400 illustrations from the original creative team along with detailed explorations of every character, original sketches, world designs, and much more. Presented in English for the first time, this beautiful collection is not to be missed.

Dark Horse press release

The Art of Mana hits stores on January 28th, 2020.

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