Dark Horse Comics is Super Brutal with X

‘Brutal’ is a word that we’re quiet fond of here at Brutal Gamer, so we’re pleased as punch (or stab) that Dark Horse’s original vigilante ‘X’ is hitting the streets in his own book once again.

The relaunch comes from the star creative team of Duane Swierczynski and Eric Nguyen and looks like it’ll be classic X. Debuting in Dark Horse Comics #8 waaaaay back in 1994 (which still feels like it was yesterday…), the anti-hero known only as X was a bad guy killing machine with no time for pleasantries and even less for his own humanity.

From the special ‘strip’ style preview released by Dark Horse today is looks like he’s just as violent, just as nasty, and just as… brutal, as ever.

Click the thumbnail, get a taste for X, and find out what all the talk will be about when the new book hits stands this May from Dark Horse Comics.

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