Dark Horse Presents takes the King’s Road today

Peter Hogan (Resident Alien) returns to Dark Horse Presents with a tale about a magical kingdom and the heir to its throne.

“King’s Road is about someone from another world—a magical, semimedieval world—who came to Earth about twenty years ago, and settled down and raised a family here. But now he has to go back again, taking his family with him, because he’s inherited the throne of that world. Meanwhile, there are all sorts of nasty magical creatures trying to kill him before he gets there,” said Hogan.

I love the fact that Hogan didn’t go the now pretty typical ‘alien’ route with King’s Road and actually crafted his story around a magic kingdom (no, not the magic kingdom) and blended the fantasy with what certainly looks like the mundane from the limited preview we see above.

DHP doesn’t make a habit of disappointing, and I suspect King’s Road will be another feather in the Eisner Award winning anthology’s cap. Look for Dark Horse Presents #23 on stands today, featuring King’s Road by Peter Hogan and artist Phil Winslade.

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