Dark Souls 3 coming early next year?

It looks like a third entry in the Dark Souls series is on the way to consoles for a 2016 release.

Praise the sun, media website IGN has gotten ahold of a piece of promo art for Dark Souls 3. Although the recently released PS4 exclusive Bloodborne might have held fans over, this looks to be the real thing, another entry in the tough-as-nails series of hack and slash titles.

There’ve been other indications that the game was on the way of course; not too long ago a video giving away various bit and bobs about it, including what would have been a surprise E3 announcement, was making the rounds. Honestly, we didn’t report on that as it seemed to be more in ‘rumor’ territory than anything else, but maybe not.

If that’s the case, and the video can be believed, then it looks like DS3 will sport some new additions for the franchise that actually change gameplay pretty radically and a deeper narrative with over an hour of cut-scenes. The video also confirmed both PS4 and Xbox One releases for the game, and said that a PC release might happen as well.

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Source: MCV

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