Darksiders Genesis gets release date, new trailer

Strife isn’t the kind of horseman you want to threaten. See why in the new trailer for Darksiders Genesis, officially launching this December on PC.

Fourth horseman

We’ve seen War, we’ve seen Death, and last year we got to play as Fury. Now Darksiders Genesis goes back to before the original game for a prequel story that sees gamers playing as both the original horseman War, and Strife.

A different kind of horseman, Strife eschews melee weaponry for a pair of death-dealing pistols. And as you can see in this new trailer, he’s pretty quick on the trigger.

Hard not the like that, especially if you’re a series fan. While a good chunk of it was CGI too, we got some nice gameplay glimpses at the tail end. It looks like Genesis might be a very familiar playthrough for aRPG players, not that that’s a bad thing.

If you watched all the way through, you also saw the release date for Genesis, which has been shrouded in mystery till now. If you didn’t, know that there’s a split release schedule planned for this one.

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The PC and Google Stadia version of the game will arrive this year, on December 5th. What about consoles? That’s… a little bit more disappointing. You’ll have to wait till Valentine’s Day 2020 for it, that’s February 14th if you don’t know.

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