Darktide beta progress will carry over to launch

Darktide Beta Progress

Prior to the Warhammer 40K: Darktide pre-order beta, developer Fatshark made it known that, while it was aiming to have progress from the beta carry over to full release, it wasn’t certain if this would be happening. After all, if massive changes ended up being required, resetting progress could have been necessary. But any lingering doubts regarding this have been erased.

During the weekend, Fatshark cleared away any confusion with a tweet. I’m sure fans are delighted by the news. Learning that you completely lost a fully leveled character on launch day would be very upsetting indeed.

Fatshark tweeted the message, saying progression “will be carried over from the beta to full release.” This is far from ambiguous, so we now know for sure that no progress will be lost when Darktide finishes its beta and enters full release on Wednesday. I’m personally very pleased by this, as I most definitely didn’t want to lose the hours I’ve already put in — the leveling can be quite time-consuming. I would have switched to a different class altogether had that happened, but I guess we got lucky this time, didn’t we?

Darktide beta progress will carry over

Darktide is the latest game from Vermintide developer Fatshark. Similar to that series, players join four-person teams and tear through hordes of vicious enemies. While the previous games focused primarily on melee combat, this one features a mix of shooting and melee, as players will get both laser and bullet weapons to fight mutants and other enemies in a violent fashion. The beta concludes on November 29, and then servers will go offline until the full game releases on November 30. Beta players will be able to jump into the full release without missing a beat.

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