Dating-action game Eternights helps you find love in a demonic apocalypse

Dating-action game Eternights helps you find love in a demonic apocalypse

Persona really paved the way for the dating-sim-slash-RPG subgenre, combining anime action with sacrilegious activities like hand-holding. It seems like one of those games pops up every so often now. And the next one on our list is Eternights, which, as expected, mashes action RPG gameplay with gushy romance. It looks a little edgy, with the Eternights trailer beginning with our protagonist and his hacked-off arm spraying blood everywhere. But hey, it’s still in my wheelhouse.

This debut game from the developers at Studio Sai tasks you with exploring dungeons all while balancing it with your love life. Like other games of the genre, while you’re out saving the world and defeating demons or beasts or whatnot, you’ll also have the option to spend some time with confidants. There are five different love interests you can choose to spend time with, and if you get really far into the game, you can press “R2 to hold hands.” I’m sold!

Love this Eternights trailer

The game looks pretty impressive, with lots of flashy anime-inspired graphics and exciting hack-and-slash gameplay. The Persona influences are clear as day (even confirmed by the developer). If the game has a solid cast of characters and smooth gameplay, then this is something that’s bound to resonate with fans of the notorious JRPG. The game seems to run on a calendar system, the dungeons look sprawling and exciting, and there are even anime-style cutscenes.

The apocalyptic dating sim Eternights is set to release sometime in early 2023. There’s no official release date as of yet, but you can go ahead learn more about the game on Steam today. If you’re a fan of Persona and can’t get enough of romantic world-saving, then check out the trailer for Eternights below, released during the PlayStation: State of Play event.

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