DC Comics signs Fernandez and Jimenez to exclusive contracts

Digging the look of the new Nightwing and Superman books? Then you’re going to love this move by DC Comics.


It’s nothing new that comic book publishers look to have artists and writers working exclusively for them. I don’t remember though, when I was a kid, seeing so much talk about exclusivity contracts. No, I don’t remember Wizard magazine talking about that at all back even in the 90s.

Over the last few years though, we’ve seen moves like this one pretty often. And not just from DC, but from the likes of Marvel and Valiant as well. Though we’re not talking about the latter two companies today, as both Javier Fernández and Jorge Jiménez are sticking with DC.

And quite honestly, these are great signings. Both men are top notch talents, and have produced some awesome work for two of the biggest books in the DC Rebirth initiative. Characters don’t come much more iconic than Superman after all, and Nightwing? Well, he’s back to being Nightwing, and I think that’s something that every fan of Mr. Grayson was dying to see after his secret agent stint.

As for Fernández and Jiménez, they weigh in on the new contracts below.

“Nightwing! How could I not be excited when I was asked to work on something like that” said Fernández. “When DC asked me to redesign one of the most iconic costumes, I knew exactly what Nightwing would look like. Professionally, it’s hard to find something that I have been looking forward to more than the chance to create stories in Gotham with one of the most beloved characters at DC. I love my job.”

“Javier is an incredible artist whose portfolio continues to expand,” said DC’s Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras. “With NIGHTWING, he brought Dick Grayson back to Gotham in his classic black and blue look and has seamlessly positioned him in DC Rebirth in a way that feels modern, yet true to the legacy of this character. We couldn’t have asked for a better pairing when we matched Javier to Dick Grayson’s solo series.”

“There’s also been a lot of interest in Superman after the events of DC Rebirth,” added DC Entertainment Publisher Jim Lee. “Not a small part of that is the result of the return of a Superman married to Lois Lane, raising their son Jon. Jorge’s designs for Jon, now Superboy, perfectly capture the spirit of the new character. He has quickly positioned himself as an artist’s artist who can do great designs, fantastic action, and deliver lively, personal storytelling.”

“DC has made me feel at home over the years,” said Jiménez. “I remember my first work on the FRINGE series. I was extremely nervous but also very excited; I wanted to prove that I wasn’t just passing through, that I had come to stay, and to eventually realize my dream to draw Superman. Now time has passed, my projects with DC have been increasingly important, and I’ve not only seen the day when I’m drawing Superman, but this year I had the opportunity to design Superman’s son. The fan reaction has been incredible. Thank you!”

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