DC ‘Rebirth’ Superman and Green Arrow (Trade Paperback) Previews

DC Comics’ Rebirth initiative is in full swing now, and the trade paperbacks are on the way.

The Man of Steel and the Emerald Archer

Trade-waiters are a pretty common type of comic fan. Outside of the ones who hustle down to their local comics shop each week, there are fans who make it out once a month, and those who wait patiently for collected editions. I fall into all the categories above honestly. Some weeks I make it to my LCS to grab my books, and some weeks I don’t, picking up everything at the end of the month.

And then, in rare occasions, I wait and snatch up the trade. In particular, I’m like that with titles outside of the big two, though I know fans who do that across the boards. And if that’s you, or you just waited to get in on Rebirth till the trades arrived, you’re in luck. This month, both Superman and Green Arrow volumes one arrive.

I haven’t read Arrow, so I might go in for that one actually. As for Superman, it’s a good time – especially if you’re a fan. I’ve picked up the book from the start, and it’s classic Man of Steel. That just can’t be beat.

Both titles are available right now, either via your local shop, or finer bookstores everywhere. Full previews, giving you a taste of some included issues, are below.

Superman Rebirth Vol. 1

Green Arrow Rebirth Vol. 1

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