DC’s first Black Label graphic novel, Batman: White Knight, is #1

A slightly redone version of the super-popular Batman: White Knight mini-series is leading the charge for DC’s Black Label.

Darker still

You might remember that we told you all about DC’s Black Label a few months back. If not, then really all you need to know is that the new imprint will feature non-canon stories told by industry luminaries. There’s a slate of stars set for the first wave of books from Black Label, but it all kicked off with Sean Murphy.

The artist and writer’s mini-series, Batman: White Knight was a monster hit for DC. The book was implied to be a continuation of the popular 90s/early 2k’s Batman animated mythos, though not expressly so. It featured a tale that cast the Joker as reformed, and Batman named as a villain.

Making it slightly more “adult”, and punching it up a bit otherwise for Black Label was a no-brainer. DC was also able to put product out there with the labeling fast thanks to the effort from Murphy. And guess what? Yep, it’s a hit.

Batman: White Knight opened up at #1 on BookScan’s graphic novel bestsellers list. That’s more impressive than it might first seem too, since BookScan “tracks point-of-sales for major retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, independent bookstores, and more.” Pretty cool.

As for what’s next in the Black Label, that seems to be up in the air. Several projects were announced, but really no time-table has been outlined for any of them. White Knight itself will be getting a sequel that might be a part of the imprint however, with 2019’s Azreal-centric Curse of the White Knight.

The Black Label version of Batman: White Knight is available right now for $19.99 USD.

Note: While White Knight is the first graphic novel for Black Label, and that’s kind of the point of this story, it’s not the initial release in the line. Unfortunately, I kind of made it sound like it was in the article above. That honor instead goes to Batman: Damned. I don’t know how I forgot that that was a thing (with the “controversy” and all), but I did. So noted.

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