Dead Cells Malaise update brings Christmas cheer amongst goodies

Dead Cells Malaise update brings Christmas cheer amongst goodies

The awesome Dead Cells first arrived in May of 2017, and has since amassed a loyal following due to its stellar gameplay and consistent support. Developer Motion Twin has certainly given more than most when it comes to new content for the roguelike. Even as we come to the end of 2020, that commitment is not waning anytime soon. As teased earlier in the year, Dead Cells will receive some Christmas additions just in time for the holidays with the Malaise update, which is now live.

Appropriately, our hero in Dead Cells will be able to rock two new outfits that are in line with the spirit of Christmas. The first is that of the classic red and white Santa suit. The other will take the flaming head into Frosty the Snowman. How that works, nobody really knows. That is just the magic of Christmas. In addition, you can tweak the look of the food items to match the festive period. The cosmetic change will transform all food items into cheese instead.


Perfecting the formula

However, the main bulk of content caters to the gameplay portion of the game. With the Dead Cells Malaise update, the Malaise mechanic will be refined further. Motion Twin is looking to balance the deck more fairly instead of stacking it against players. As always, player feedback will be important moving forward.

Furthermore, the Dead Cells Malaise update will add a new weapon in the form of the katana. Its unique mechanic allows you to chain a standard slash with a dashing charge attack. That should make for some fun combat. You can test it out on the new mob as well, with the Demolisher being added from a community suggestion.

Dead Cells Malaise Update Brings Christmas Cheer Amongst Goodies (2)

Players can also experience five new mutations and explore a new lore room for the Hand of the King. There’s nothing like learning about your enemies to beat them even more completely.

If the Dead Cells Malaise update has you excited, more DLC is on the way for the game. Fatal Falls, the game’s second paid DLC, will arrive in early 2021.

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