Dead Island: Epidemic is free-to-play, zombie slaying mayhem

June 27, 2014
News, PC


The world’s first ZOMBA.

Same Dead Island ‘charm’, all new everything else. Sure you’ll find a few of the characters (like Sam B) that you know and love from the other games in the series, but this MOBA with zombies makes for a pretty fresh (if zombies can be fresh) experience.

From the looks of things, there are going to be plenty of the undead to put back in the ground too, and some massive boss zeds to fight, which all rings true of the existing franchise, just with a whole new viewpoint and arcadey feel. So yeah it’s definitely a Dead Island game, just with a whole new perspective and a no fee (for entry) pricing scheme. Look for Dead Island: Epidemic to kick off its beta soon and click here for more info about the pricing tiers on advanced content packs.

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