Deadly Premonition DLC available now

June 6, 2013
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I think it’s time for some coffee Zach- and some piping hot DLC.

We knew for a while that Rising Star Games’ Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut had some DLC in the pipeline and now up and ready for your downloading pleasure. The offerings are actually pretty surprising in terms of their contents; and while there are no new adventures to take the good Agent on as of yet, there’s plenty for fans to download to make his stay in the oddball town of Greenvale a little more comfortable.

  • The first DLC slate, which is available now, includes new stuff for York to wear and drive:
  • Espresso Suit – Tolerance to Hunger and Tiredness x3
  • Field-Ops Suit – Increase HP and Attack Power x3
  • High Roller Suit – Money Rewards x3
  • Happy Songkran Suit – Money Rewards x3
  • Special-Ops Suit – Increase HP and Attack Power x2 – Tolerance to Hunger and Tiredness x2 – Money Rewards x2
  • Catgirl Outfit – Character skin only
  • Friday Night Outfit – Character skin only
  • The Blue GT – Enhanced Handling
  • The Devil’s Red – Increased max speed and faster acceleration
  • The Green Drifter – Expert car, drifting capabilities
  • Chibi Chibi Bang Bang – Vehicle skin only
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It looks like Agent York (…and Zach) might be planning an extended stay in the sleepy little town too as the second downloadable expansion is due next week on the PSN, on June 11th, and it’s all about the real estate. Well, that is where they say you should put your money, isn’t it Zach?

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