Deadpool Marvel Legends Wave 3 announced, hits pre-order

Deadpool Marvel Legends Wave 3 announced, hits pre-order

Marvel fans looking to build their X-Factor Strong Guy and nearly complete the original X-Force might want to see the latest Deadpool ML wave.

X marks two spots

Classic Marvel Universe fans have gotten a heck of a lot of great stuff lately from Marvel Legends. That started last year, with Marvel’s 80th celebration, and it’s still rolling with more vintage carded characters and a lot more 90s stuff.

As Hasbro works its way through the 90s Marvel universe currently, we’re ever so slowly completing iconic teams like the 90s versions of X-Factor and X-Force. The newest wave of Marvel Legends is set to get both jobs almost done.

Yes you might actually be very happy to see Deadpool’s face again, since it also means an excellent accompanying lineup. Finally here is Strong Guy (if you get a whole set. He’s the BaF), Warpath, Sunspot, and even 90s Marvel U staples like Weapon X member Maverick and villain Black Tom Cassidy.

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In addition, there’s Shiklah (no idea who that is) and two new versions of Deadpool. I guess there’s gotta be an audience for more Deadpool, since Hasbro keeps cranking these out.

All in all though, this is a great wave, and one that’s up for pre-order right now. You can find them online, including from Hasbro Pulse and our pals at Entertainment Earth. As usual, BG will get a small commission on anything you order linking from this page to Entertainment Earth.

Deadpool Marvel Legends wave 3 ships this October.

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