Deals: GOG turns five, kicks off ‘High 5’ sale

DRM-free downloadable gaming retailer turns five years old (I know right?!) this month. To celebrate, they’ve started up a monster of a sale that can net you a five-pack of games for a whopping 80% off the asking price.

GOG has no shortage of sales and special offers for gamers, they’re good like that, but this one’s special for the simple facts that it’s a birthday sale and there’s an excellent assortment of games for you to pick your five-pack from. The High 5 sale includes such notables as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers, and Primordia- all great titles with plenty of critical acclaim.

Here’s how the High 5 sale works: you take a look at the list of games available for the promo here, then you select 5 of them, then you get 80% off your total order. Simple, efficient and a great way to bulk up your GOG library in short order. GOG says that the promotion can save gamers up to $300 USD, so it’s nothing to sneeze at. High 5 runs through the 16th of the month on, so put some hustle on if you want in on the deals.

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As for the rest of the month, the retailer promises that they’ll have plenty more for players to download as “each week will feature another mighty mix of exciting contests, promos, gifts, specials, and, obviously, classic and new releases”.

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