Deals: Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted .99 this weekend

Spend your labor day with Wolverine in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Stranded in Japan without the X-Men, Avengers, or even a prayer, Logan must slice through his deadliest gauntlet yet! But with enemies—including Sabretooth and the Silver Samurai—and mysteries lurking around every corner, is this one misadventure that Logan can’t claw his way out of? Featuring the talent of comics superstars Jason Aaron, Jason Latour, and Paco Diaz, Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted #1 Infinite Comic is accessible for new fans, but also set in current continuity with ramifications in Wolverine & The X-Men!

We’ve been reporting on this landmark Infinite Comic since its debut a few weeks back and it’s been consistently solid all the way through to issue #8 (out now). Why is Japan’s Most Wanted a ‘landmark’ for Infinite Comics? Well it’s pretty simple really- it’s a massive story with far-reaching consequences that’ll lead into one of Wolverine’s starring retail/digital books and it’s exclusive to Marvel’s digital-only format.

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That’s all kind of a big deal, to quote Ron Burgundy. Infinite Comics aren’t like any other Marvel digital book in that they don’t see printing in physical form. To get one of this big of a magnitude is pretty awesome and just goes to further cement digital as a landscape that the publisher is very much committed to.

If you haven’t given Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted a look yet, you can grab the first issue for only .99 USD right here and see if you dig it. As I said, the book’s up to issue 8 and there are 12 installments in the series, launching weekly. So if you like #1, there are 7 more for you to read right away- and plenty of time to get caught up before issue 9 lands on the service this coming week.

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