Deathstroke preps for assault on Koto’s ARTFX line

Kotobukiya’s latest entry in the ARTFX statue collection is none other than the DCU’s number one assassin – Deathstroke.

The result of a super solider program, Slade Wilson posses enhanced strength, speed, agility and reflexes. A formable opponent in hand-to-hand combat with genius level tactical intellect this mercenary for hire is not one to be taken lightly.

Deathstroke has taken on a much bigger role in the DC Universe in the last few years, first as a villain and now in the New 52 as a bounty-hunting anti-hero. He’s actually become such a big deal that he not only has his own comic, but he’s also got a semi-starring role in Warner Bros’ upcoming Arkam prequel, Batman: Arkham Origins.

Much like the character himself, the new 12″ statue from Koto is looking pretty awesome. When I first saw the detail on this piece, I thought it was cool; when I saw that the helm flipped up to reveal Slade’s face, I thought it was awesome. Little features like that count for a lot with comic fans and the Deathstroke ARTFX statue is looking like it has all the boxes checked off.

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Get ready, Deathstroke drops onto store shelves this November and will run you $119.99 USD.

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