Deathstroke takes on a challenge in Batman: Arkham Origins

The latest trailer for the upcoming Batman: Arkham prequel is all abut the deadliest merc in the DC Universe.

The Deathstroke challenge pack not only gets you a playable version of ‘Stroke, but also a pair of challenge maps and a three pack of skins so fans of the character should be happy. The mercenary has really blown up in popularity  in the last few years thanks to starring roles in some of DC’s big event crossovers and now his own book in the New 52 Universe.

As far as Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment’s Batman: Arkham Origins the game goes, Deathstroke isn’t the main character (that’d be the Dark Knight), but he is one of the main ‘villains’ standing in the Batman’s way. Also shown off in the trailer above is the new ‘100 to 1’ mode. Throwing a century mark in enemies at players should provide some suitable opposition for either Batman or Deathstroke… if just barely.

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To get in on the playable Deathstroke, complete with all the trimmings, all you need to do is pre-order the game for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U or PC before the launch date of October 25th. Also releasing on the 25th, by the way, is the portable version of the game Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate- which is a completely different game and sees Batman heading into Blackgate prison to put down a revolt.

So needless to say, October 25th is a pretty big day for gaming Batman fans.

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