Deep space horror

Dark Horse is going back into the world of sci-fi horror with a new Aliens vs Predator miniseries. thicker Than Blood kicks off this December.

Deep space horror

Dark Horse has a deep history of both Aliens and Predator comics, and has paired the two sci-fi alien races many times. If I can opine for a quick second too, their stuff has been vastly superior to anything the movies have produced as of late.

There hasn’t been anything with both though for a little while however. I’m pretty sure it’s been since that big event that also starred the Engineers from Prometheus.

That changes though, with Thicker Than Blood. A new crossover event miniseries from Dark Horse, TTB sets up the extraterrestrial terrors for a rematch, and it’s one with a pretty interesting backdrop.

Alien vs. Predator: Thicker Than Blood kicks off when Predators board a luxury charter spaceship, unleashing a path of terror and bloodshed. An adolescent girl and her younger “brother” are the last to survive, and begin a cat-and-mouse chase with the attackers. They hope for an escape, but they haven’t counted on the Alien . . . 

Dark Horse Comics press release

Predators attacking unarmed passengers on a spaceship? That seems off since the Preds usually go after dangerous game only for the thrill of the hunt. So there’s something happening there.

What it might be, we’ll find out pretty soon. From Jeremy Barlow and Doug Wheatly, Aliens vs Predator: Thicker Than Blood #1 lands on the racks on December 11th.

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