Democracy 3 Extremism DLC has a heavy hand

“Radical policy changes” are in store for Democracy 3 with the new expansion pack for the political sim.

Tax-adjustments and changes to government spending have proven too feeble and the citizenry demands action. You might require politicians to swear religious oaths and newscasters to sing the national anthem. Maybe you will ban private education, divorce, or same-sex relationships. Perhaps you will even condone torture.

How far to the extremes can you take your country and still maintain the support of the people (and avoid some of them putting a gun to your head)?

There’s a question that real work leaders seem to struggle with on a daily basis. Think you can do better? No matter your actual political views, the Extremism DLC for Positech Games’ Democracy 3 should give you a fair deal of challenge as you’ll have to maintain a good balance of policy and try and keep all of your constituents happy, which is more than likely no easy feat.

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Democracy 3: Extremism is available right now and will cost you $4.99 USD through Positech Games own site, Steam, or

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