Destiny Beta announced with new trailer and screens

A brand new trailer for Bungie and Activision’s Destiny was unveiled today along with a gaggle of screenshots of the game in action and the announcement of the official Beta.

The trailer above is titled ‘The Moon’ for obvious reasons and features an alien race called the Hive. All together there are four enemy races in the game, most of which have been glimpsed here and there in previous trailers, The Moon gives us our first good look at one of them though- and also some of the most beautiful graphics I’ve seen in an FPS.

“We have no doubt Destiny is not only a great action game but also the next great entertainment property,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. “That means we’re putting all our creative support, and all our expertise in creating blockbuster franchises, into a colossal Destiny Beta that we believe will set a new bar for the next generation of games. Fans have a lot to look forward to in 2014.”

“Destiny is the most ambitious game we have ever made, and it’s our chance to transform the way you experience a new Bungie universe,” said Harold Ryan, Bungie president. “From day one Destiny has been an incredibly bold vision that Activision shares with Bungie. Destiny is a massive universe that is populated by the players, and for that reason we need fans to get their hands on the game, fans all around the world. We can’t wait!”

Also today, as I mentioned, was the announcement of the Beta trial for Destiny. Starting in early 2014, the Beta will be available to players on the PS3/4 and the Xbox 360/One. Redemption codes for the program are obtainable when you pre-order the game from these retailers. Once you get your copy locked down, head to this site and input the 9 digit code printed either at the bottom of your receipt, on a flyer that you’ll get at time of purchase, or emailed to you via the retailers rewards program.

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Now, you might be wondering what happens if you already had the game pre-ordered. Well the answer to that one is simple- you’re already in the Beta. Anyone who had pre-ordered Destiny before October 1st should expect to receive an email from the retailer that they purchased the game from- that’ll baby will have your code for redemption at the site above.

Lock and load Guardian, the Destiny Beta kicks off early next year.

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