Destiny E3 gameplay trailer goes online

Check out the full E3 walkthrough of Bungie’s next-gen Destiny.

Now a multiplatform developer, Bungie is prepping Destiny to lead the way into the next generation of games as both a single player and multiplayer title. It looks from the trailer (which debuted a few weeks back at E3) like the multi portion of the game is of the ‘drop in, drop out’ variety, which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

When I first saw Destiny demo’d, I was under the assumption that it was a multi-only affair and that a storyline was sort of a tacked on kind of thing. The trailer clearly shows a deeper plotline though, as well as customized characters and a ‘loot’ system that hasn’t been really talked about too much yet.

I’m kind of getting the feeling that Destiny has a real ‘RPG-ish’ flavor behind it though. That’s something that should be very interesting indeed for fans of Borderlands and titles like Skyrim. As to how accurate that may be or not, I don’t know; but there’s plenty of time left for more description from the developer. Destiny isn’t expected until June of 2014 for the Xbox 360/One and the PS3/4.

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