Destiny goes into the wild in new trailer

Bungie gives gamers a little bit of a closer look at Destiny and where it’s headed.

Destiny definitely looks great. The graphics on the game are sharp and look extremely varied- going from dimly-lit interiors to the colorful, wide-open spaces that Bungie is known for. The trailer also answered a few questions that I had about the game that were seeming a little mysterious to me.

For starters, there’s no load time or ‘lobby’ if a pal wants to join in on your game. Also very cool is that you don’t necessarily have to play with anyone else if you don’t want to, as you can have “your own adventure” if you like. As a guy who’s not big on multiplayer gaming at all, I like that.

And about the multiplayer, it’s good to hear that Destiny will indeed have competitive multi. I’m sure there were quite a few Bungie fans who were wondering about that one since it hasn’t really been talked about at all since the game’s announcement.

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So far, Destiny has a tenuous release date of June 2014 for the Xbox 360/One, PS3/4 and PC. We’ll let you know when and if that changes.

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