Destiny to be a PlayStation exclusive in Japan

So this seems kind of odd. Activision and Bungie’s Destiny will be released only on the PS3 and PS4 in Japan- and it’s set to arrive one week after the Xbox One launches in the territory.

Console exclusivity isn’t anything new for third-parties, that’s not what seems strange to me here. The thing is, Destiny isn’t locked to the PlayStation brand anywhere else in the world- just in Japan, where it won’t be appearing on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Now, here’s the other thing; Microsoft pretty clearly has no thoughts of eastern dominance for the Xbox One since the console is launching there almost a full year after it debuted in a whole mess of other countries, and don’t forget that he brand hasn’t done well there historically.

On top of that, Destiny is an FPS at heart, a genre that has never really been money in Japan. So this isn’t really a big exclusive ‘get’ that it could have been if the same had happened, oh say, in the United States. It’s also a surprise, as website Develop points out, since Bungie has always had close ties with Microsoft as they were the developers and creators of the Halo brand- although I’m not sure if that would matter at all here since it’s Activision and not the creators that are publishing the title.

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As of now it’s not clear whether this is a timed exclusive or not, but it’s definitely odd.

Source: Develop

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