Devolver Digital’s Direct event is planned for mid-July

Devolver Digital’s Direct event is planned for mid-July

Indie publisher Devolver Digital has tweeted an update about its upcoming Devolver Direct games showcase. As of now, it plans to hold the event sometime in mid-July, but the production team has the final say.

In typical Devolver fashion, the company also made an eccentric recommendation of what to do in preparation for the 2020 event. Just watch the 11-hour event from last year to jog your memory. The whole thing.

Digital live streams have become the norm this year due to COVID restrictions. The circumstances have forced many developers to rethink how to effectively get the word out about new games. Many have followed Nintendo and Devolver Digital’s example and gone all-digital with their news showcases this summer.

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A digital display of confidence

As for the event itself, we don’t know much beyond what Devolver has tweeted out. “This year will have some updates + release dates on upcoming games and a couple of new games to reveal – all with gameplay.” So that’s a very satisfying baseline to set expectations with. There won’t be any gimmicks about what Devolver brings to the Direct, and more details are coming in the weeks ahead.

There are also a few highly anticipated titles that should make appearances during the event. Serious Sam 4, Carrion, and Blightbound all seem to be getting teased, but there’s sure to be much more.

We can surely expect some more pranks from Devolver this year too. Last year, faux spokes-person Nina Struthers made a bloody mess of things in a short feature that looked straight out of Black Mirror. It’s good to see Devolver taking its entertainment seriously, and it gives us something weird to look forward to every year. #KeepDevolverDigitalWeird

Devolver digital 2019 E3 Direct

You think this is bloody? You ain’t seen nothin’.

The fact that Devolver has full control over this event is actually a little scary, because anything could happen. This is a company that loves to troll and break conventions – literally. Be sure to tune in and see if it crashes its own party. Again.

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