Devs announces Path of Exile delay as Cyberpunk 2077 gets too close

Devs announces Path of Exile delay as Cyberpunk 2077 gets too close

For eager fans looking forward to the Path of Exile 3.13 expansion, bad news is incoming. The update has been delayed by developers Grinding Gear Games, and the reason is quite straightforward. With Cyberpunk 2077 getting a new December 10 release date, the team wanted to avoid a clash and give fans some breathing room just in case they were fans of both. The Path of Exile delay will move the expansion from its original December 11 launch to sometime in January 2021.

Despite the less than ideal news, Grinding Gear remains confident they could have hit the original date. However, with such a big game releasing at the same time, it would have made no sense to release the expansion. As such, even if the team manages to finish up the 3.13 expansion sometime in December, the Path of Exile delay will enable them to start work on the next update. Thus, this becomes a win-win situation. Not only do players have time to enjoy one of the biggest releases in 2020, but they will also have new Path of Exile content for the new year.

Devs Announces Path Of Exile Delay As Cyberpunk 2077 Gets Too Close (2)

Shifting gears

The Path of Exile delay may not have an impact for the developers in the traditional sense, but it certainly affects the release schedule for the game in 2021. The knock-on effect is expected to show its effect next year, so fans will need to be patient as we continue to wrestle with a topsy-turvy year. The developers are hoping that whatever impact this delay may have is minimized.

There might also be reservations about what this Path of Exile delay could do to upcoming content. There are no details on this yet, but fans would hope the vision of the developers is fully realized still. As for when the new Path of Exile expansion will arrive in January, perhaps the Cyberpunk 2077 craze would have passed.

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