Diamond decloaks its Bird of Prey

Great Star Trek toys… okay, any Star Trek toys are few and far between these days. When a good one comes along, fans tend to take note- and you better believe this is a good one.

We’re really pretty far from the glory days of The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 these days. Except for a few comics and the JJ Abrams film series (which is actually not the Star Trek that longtime fans are used to… *Ahem*) the brand is just barely relevant.

Diamond Select’s Klingon Bird of Prey though? Yeah, that’s relevant.

Available before the end of the year, the Klingon Empire’s fast attack ship (and one of the most iconic craft in the Star Trek universe) will feature a full set of lights and sound effects from the now classic shows.

We don’t have a solid release date for this bad boy, so just keep on checking your favorite retailer as it should be docking on store shelves soon.

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