DICE details the Battlefield 2042 Season One Battle Pass

DICE details the Battlefield 2042 Season One Battle Pass

Battlefield 2042 has been through no shortage of issues and complaints from fans. But, the multiplayer FPS game from developer DICE is about to take a step forward by beginning its first season. To mark the occasion, DICE has revealed what the Season One Battle Pass will look like for Battlefield 2042.

From the official website, DICE makes clear that “it’s important to us to keep the fight fair for everyone.” The team explains that players will never gain an advantage during gameplay by spending real-world money, which can only be used on cosmetics. Each new season of the game will bring new maps, Specialists, weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and more for all players.


The Battle Pass has a free and premium tier. All players will have access to the free tier. However, the premium version is available by purchasing a Battle Pass or to those who already own a Year One Pass, which came with the Gold and Ultimate editions of the game. Playing Battlefield 2042 and earning XP or completing Weekly Missions will raise your player level and progress the Battle Pass.

It’s important to note that the free tier will only contain 30 rewards compared to 100 rewards for the premium tier. Additionally, the tiers will include Battlefield Currency. Some of the rewards include unique skins, Player Card Backgrounds, takedowns, and weapon charms.

A road to recovery for Battlefield 2042

It’s been a rocky road for Battlefield 2042. But the beginning of Season One and the Battle Pass is hopefully the start of a brighter future. Season One of Battlefield 2042 was delayed a few months ago, and the 128-player Breakthrough mode was removed after both players and EA voiced concerns over the large map sizes. Thankfully, it seems like DICE is taking player feedback seriously, and is slowly but surely aiming to turn things around for players of Battlefield 2042.

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