Digimon Survive trailer opens up the story ahead of its July release date

Digimon Survive trailer opens up the story ahead of its July release date

Digimon Survive is set for a July 29 release date for PC, and today’s trailer showed us a bit more about its story and characters. In the latest trailer, we’re introduced to the latest group of “DigiDestined,” school-aged kids who find themselves trapped in an alternate world filled with monsters. As it is with Digimon, some monsters are more friendly than others. But it is the unfriendly ones that they need to watch out for.

The release date trailer for Digimon Survive introduces the characters and offers a healthy helping of gameplay. As one of the kids isekai’d to this Digiworld, you use the power of technology to “uncover anomalies” tied to a mystery. You can also use it to check out the world map. Battles are done via turn-based strategy. You place your Digimon on a grid, moving them toward enemies. Stopping on occasion to heal HP is also part of the gameplay.


The tone of the game is certainly not what I’d expect from a property like Digimon. Aping Pokémon back in the day, the franchise often had a moderately sunny outlook even as dangerous monsters roamed about. However, the trailer paints a darker scene. Digimon Survive almost feels slanted toward something like Silent Hill meets digital novel games, but not as bleak as Corpse Party. The protagonists find themselves in a land shrouded in fog, surrounded by shadowy beasts with glowing eyes.

Hardcore Digmon

Narration is done via the visual novel approach. You chat up your fellow anime buddies face to face, and you get prompted to make dialogue choices. Will you try and keep up optimism, or force your friends to fall into despair for a giggle? Generally, these types of games have multiple endings, so your choices should matter.

The release date trailer provides a good vertical slice of what to expect from Digimon Survive. If you find it interesting, then watch for the game to land on July 29 for PC via Steam.

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