DIRT 5 announced for next-gen, gets new trailer

Off-road racing is coming to the next generation of consoles. DIRT 5 will arrive this October, complete with 4 player split-screen play and more.

Kicking the tires

It’s been a next-gen kind of day, with Microsoft’s Xbox 20/20 presentation. We’ve gotten a look at a bunch of games that are set for release in the near future, and that includes Deep Silver and Codemasters’ DIRT 5.

If you dig off-road racing, this is definitely one to watch. The game is looking terrific, and will include racing all over the planet, complete with 4 player split-screen action. That’s always nice to see, particularly for old-school gamers.

New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Greece, China… all places that you’ll be revving your engines in DIRT 5. Codemasters’ latest gives you plenty to drive too, with ” vehicle classes from buggies, unlimited trucks, and rock bouncers to traditional and modern rally cars.”

Also pretty cool is that the career mode will be narrative-backed. That means that you’ll have a story to play against, not just race after race. and you want voice talent? How’s Nolan North and Troy Baker. Seriously.

You won’t be locked in on one chosen path either, even with the story. Apparently you’ll have some choices to make, as you can pick between some events. North and Baker’s characters will be there throughout though, to mentor and lend vocals to an in-game podcast that’ll be available.

Add to that a promised “more customization options than any previous DIRT game”, and you might have a winner with DIRT 5. Than game is set to pull onto the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5 this October. A Stadia version is coming up too, though not till 2021.

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