Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting multiplayer and more characters in 2023 updates

Disney Dreamlight Valley Early Access update

Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting more major updates, and some big names are coming to the Disney-themed life simulator game as outlined by a new 2023 roadmap. These free updates will introduce the “exceptionally unexceptional” Mirabel from Encanto and the snowman mascot of every parent’s nightmares, Olaf from Frozen. In addition, the Dreamlight Valley 2023 roadmap also reveals multiplayer, potentially allowing you to collaborate with other corporate Mickey Mouse villages.

Mirabel from Encanto is an inspired choice, coming from that movie with that character we’re not supposed to talk about (even though everyone had). But it’s Olaf who will supposedly take center stage as a “huge part of the main story.” Details on the story content of the future are slim, but players will supposedly understand more about the events of the Dreamlight Valley and the mysteries surrounding it. These two characters are slated to release in February, as well as the Frosted Heights biome.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Image via Disney

Multiplayer and more coming to Disney Dreamlight Valley

Details on multiplayer features in Dreamlight Valley are also minimal, and all we know is that it’s coming sometime in 2023. It could come sooner rather than later. We expect developer Gameloft Montreal to reveal more before it arrives.

Other characters we can expect are those from The Lion King, with a new realm and group of characters from the beloved film coming to the game in April. The battle pass shows that Simba will likely join the game, but we can expect “more surprises” as well during the April update.

You can expect the major update introducing Mirabel and Olaf sometime in February, while Lion King fans can joyously wait for April. More details about multiplayer will release as we get further into 2023, as well as another content update coming in early summer which will “unveil the secret to The Forgetting” and introduces a new Disney Princess as she “races into the valley.” (As well as the identity of the squatter inside that pumpkin.)

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