Disney Infinity 3.0 is apparently Star Wars themed

In an alleged news leak that should shock exactly no one, it looks like Star Wars will be the flavor of the year in the upcoming Disney Infinity 3.0.

And that’s not to say that DI3 has even been confirmed as on the way as of yet, because it hasn’t been, but thanks to a leaked product shot, it looks like we have quite a bit more info about the game than Disney might have wanted known at present.

For starters, yep, there’s a Disney Infinity 3.0 game. Not that you should have been too surprised to hear that mind you. The last game in the series was all about Marvel’s Superheroes, and did quite well, as did the first installment, so a third entry was a foregone conclusion for most fans.

Seeing Star Wars associated with it shouldn’t come as a surprise either to be honest, since the license is a monster one for Disney and there’s a new cartoon and a new movie on the way. It does raise an eyebrow for me though, to see that it’s the Clone Wars characters that are getting the pack in treatment, and not the Star Wars: Rebels crew.

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The former group was arguably more of a hit with fans, but Rebels is the current show on the air, and you’d think that Disney Infinity 3.0 would have played off of that. Well, I would have anyway. It’s not to be though, at least it isn’t from the leaked pic which shows Ahsoka and Anakin Skywalker figures as well as a playset included in the starter kit, though with plenty of classic and prequel trilogy characters on the box.

I assume, given that this is true, that there’ll be Rebels figures on the market at some point as well (probably at launch), as we as a few from the new The Force Awakens movie as well. When all of this might or might not come to pass though isn’t as solid.

There’s nothing about a release date or anything like that in the slip-up, though with the leak (which does look like a real product shot), there’s bound to be something on the way sooner than later.

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Source: The Verge

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