Disney’s Dreamlight Valley gets new Early Access release date

Disney's Dreamlight Valley gets new Early Access release date

Disney is joining the free-to-play space with a new life-sim and adventure game hybrid. Dreamlight Valley is a combination of these two genres all mashed up with popular Disney and Pixar universes in a new crossover title. A chill game where you can hang out with some of your favorite Disney characters’ sounds like a good time, and we’ll be able to try it out soon once Dreamlight Valley enters Early Access this September.

Dreamlight Valley takes place in the fictional land of Dreamlight Valley. This is a “once idyllic land” that allowed Disney and Pixar characters to live together in harmony. However, a new tribulation known as “the Forgetting” caused Night Thorns to grow across the land and sever memories tied to the location. You’ll have to solve the mystery behind The Forgetting and bring magic back to the world of Dreamlight Valley.


A land of dreams

You’ll have to free Dreamlight Valley from the Forgetting through puzzles, challenges, and more. On your quest, you can hang out with favorite Disney characters like WALL-E, Remy from Ratatouille, or the one and only Goofy. There’s tons of slice-of-life content here, like gardening, cooking, and fishing as you rebuild the Valley. As you free the Valley from the Forgetting, you’ll forge this place into a creation of your own.

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley will enter Early Access on September 6 for Steam. You’ll have to purchase the Founder’s Pack or be an Xbox Game Pass member to participate in the Early Access. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until the game’s official launch in 2023. There’s no word yet on how to buy a Founder’s Pack as of now, but you can still wishlist the game on Steam to get a head start if you want. For a preview of some of the game’s slice-of-life mechanics, take a look at the game’s official Nintendo Direct trailer below.

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