Divine Wonders Humble Bundle brings the best of Divinity and Age of Wonders for cheap

Larian and Triumph games have teamed up for a Humble Bundle that should keep you busy for a good long time.

The Humble Bundle guys have a reputation of getting gamers great games and great prices and doing it mostly for charity. In short, it’s a pretty great thing. This week, it’s an even greater thing too since there’s a monster amount of Divinity and Age of Wonders magic available for a very tiny amount of cash.

Age of Wonders, Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity are all included in this Weekly Bundle for any amount of money that you’d like to pay. Pay just $6 though and you’ll be getting a whole lot more with Age of Wonders II: The Wizard’s Throne and Divinity II: The Developer’s Cut added onto that already nice offering.

And if you’d like to go a little further and pay in the amount of $15 USD? You get a copy of Divinity: Dragon Commander for your trouble. Triumph’s newest Age of Wonders III, while not a part of the Bundle deal, has also recently posted to the Humble Bundle store for purchase. So technically, you could nab yourself the entire (to date) Age of Wonders and Divinity collections in just two purchases. Not too shabby.

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