Divinity: Dragon Commander gets Imperial Edition

July 2, 2013
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Larian Studios has announced a special preorder edition of their upcoming strategy game set in the world of Divinity.

The Imperial Edition of Divinity: Dragon Commander is a free upgrade for anyone who preorders the game for download on the PC. It actually includes some pretty cool stuff for a straight up preorder incentive including maybe the best part- immediate access to the Beta.

In all you get:

  • A unique development documentary video
  • An extra campaign map that has dragons fight for control of the Earth
  • A golden skin for your Dragon Emperor
  • A beautifully remastered version of the soundtrack by Kirill Pokrovsky
  • Dragon Commander’s best kept secret: an overview of all the choices and consequences in the game (you’ll be amazed)
  • Immediate beta access(**)

The Beta has already started and preorders are already being accepted through a bunch of the more popular download services, you can get the full info on buying into the game right here.

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