Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition heading to consoles and PC

Hitting consoles and the PC this Holiday Season, Divinity: Original Sin is bringing some awesome new content to the travel in Enhanced format.

Just a flat-out stunning game, Divinity: Original Sin already looked pretty amazing. And while the graphics won’t look much different than the PC release that hit last year, there will be some significant upgrades. And those come, namely, in the form of couch co-op.

And this isn’t just any local co-operative play either, as you can tell the screen will actually split apart when you diverge from your partner (when you’re playing two player). So that means that you and player 2 can explore… the entire world of Divinity: Original Sin. Separately. While still sitting in the same room.

In addition, there are multiple play modes and difficulty setting for you to pick from. Looking great, Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition hits the Xbox One, PS4, and the PC sometime this Fall.

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