Doctor Doom returns in Infamous Iron Man #1

Very shortly there’ll be two Iron Men running around the Marvel U, neither of which is actually Iron Man.

Less Doctor Doom, more Iron Man

Victor Von Doom has ascended to greater heights than ever before, as…IRON MAN?! Your eyes do not deceive you! There’s a new Iron Man in town, and he’s coming your way in INFAMOUS IRON MAN #1 – the all-new ongoing series from the blockbuster, Eisner Award-winning creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev! It’s time for the greatest villain in the Marvel Universe to try something…new. Where Tony Stark failed, Victor Von Doom will succeed! Only, how will the rest of the world’s heroes take to their deadliest foe masquerading as their greatest champion? The question remains – has the one-time Doctor Doom truly turned over a new leaf, or is this just the next step in his master plan? The answers begin as Bendis and Maleev bring you their next can’t-miss collaboration in INFAMOUS IRON MAN #1 – coming October 19th!

So, I have a few thoughts on this one. I’m never one to turn down more Doom, as the bad Doctor is not really that often seen, and when he is, the arc’s never last as long as I’d like. He was featured in Secret Wars of course, but in a way that wasn’t satisfying for me as a fan. So, more Doom = good.

Doom as Iron Man though? Well that’s just… weird. I get it, as he’s a narcissist who could easily want to try his hand at being great hero. All the adoration that comes along with that would have to be tempting for someone like him after all. I doubt that he’s ever seen himself as a villain, even with all he’s done in the Marvel U, so that kind of makes sense. But as Iron Man?

Why not just as Victor Von Doom? Seems like that would be more fitting for him than taking on someone else’s identity, even if it is to just try and show him up. We’ll see I guess. I’ll definitely pick up issue #1, even if it’s just to see the reasoning behind the change. And again, it’s more Doom so…

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