Doom beta kicks off with all new ‘Fight like Hell’ trailer

Ready to fight like hell?

Dark, fast, gory and all-together brutal, Bethesda and Id’s new Doom is looking fantastic. And even thought he above new trailer had a fair share of non-game footage in it, it’s still enjoyable as hell for anyone who’s a long time fan of the classic FPS franchise.

And if that describes you, then you’re probably all too well aware of the fact that the closed beta for Doom is kicking off tonight. Announced in a time long ago (when Wolfenstein: The New Order came out), the beta is finally happening, just around the corner from the game’s release.

If you bought a copy of Wolf and registered for it, then you’re already in for this one. Check your email for the message from Bethesda that’ll have your beta code (for whatever platform you registered on), and then get ready to blast away in some multiplayer starting at 10pm eastern time tonight (Thursday, March 31st).

And you might want to get in as much game-time as you can, since the beta will only be playable through this coming Sunday, April 3rd, at 11pm eastern. After that, it’s back to waiting patiently for the insanity to start up once again on May 13th, as that’s when Doom officially releases for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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