Doom/Doom II updated with add-ons, 60 fps, more

January 9, 2020
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Doom fans who bought into the re-releases this past year are going to like the latest patch, which includes a selection of improvements.

Now with more Doom

Have you been thinking that you need more classic Doom in your life? Well friend, you’re in luck. Bethesda announced a slate of improvements to both the original and iconic sequel, which both landed on modern consoles last year.

The update adds in 60fps, and little enhancements here and there. But the real bonus in this download is the addition of add-ons. Yep, from now on you’ll be able to download a little fresh hell to play through in the form of “curated” maps.

Highlights include:

  • Add-On Support – Add-ons can be downloaded for free from the main menu for both DOOM (1993) and DOOM II. We’re launching with an initial batch of Add-ons, but we’ll be in touch with players soon for suggestions on the best WADs to include in the future. 
  • 60 FPS Support – For the first time, DOOM (1993) and DOOM II now have native 60 FPS support on all platforms, up from the original games’ 35 FPS. 
  • Quick Saves – While paused in DOOM (1993) or DOOM II, simply press R/R1/RB to save your current position. Should players need to load up that spot again during play, they’ll just need to head back to the pause screen and press L/L1/LB.
  • Quality-of-Life AdjustmentsDOOM (1993) and DOOM II have been decked out with an arsenal of new options and quality-of-life adjustments, including a Quick Weapon Select feature, improved Level Select function, added Aspect Ratio and Brightness options, a new split-screen HUD and more.
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Those are the major new elements, but a more in-depth view on the patch can be found here. All of the above should be live for all 2019 versions of Doom and Doom II right now.

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