Doom Eternal’s Denuvo DRM now optional, but still present, in new update

Doom Eternal's Denuvo DRM now optional, but still present, in new update

One of the biggest problems that marred the release of Doom Eternal was the game’s reliance on Denuvo DRM. This pesky anti-piracy software has caused gamers many a headache. It often creates a slew of performance issues, wrecking the gameplay experience for PC players.

Last week, id Software promised that Doom Eternal would soon be freed from Denuvo DRM. Now, it has – kind of. Unfortunately, the DRM is still present in version 1.1 of the game. However, players now have the option to manually uninstall it if they choose.

Partially freeing Doom Eternal from DRM

This approach to DRM in Doom Eternal is fascinating. It means that the few players who care about the presence of Denuvo will be able to remove it, while the majority of players will continue playing, completely unaware that the DRM is even present.

Of course, this means that the anti-piracy software is entirely useless. Denuvo can’t prevent against piracy if it can be easily uninstalled. Presumably, id Software hopes to discourage piracy by making it slightly more difficult for casual would-be pirates. After all, it’s not uncommon for gamers to hack Denuvo out of games on principle.

Nobody can seem to agree on the best way to approach anti-piracy methods in gaming. Some studios feel that Denuvo is essential for a brief period of time after launch, while others don’t bother with this added security at all. Because of the shadowy nature of games piracy, it’s impossible to get concrete statistics on whether Denuvo actually discourages digital copying at all.

Doom Eternal Denuvo Drm

The Doom Eternal DRM solution provides a compromise of sorts. It also notably resembles an approach trialed by Riot Games in Valorant. Optional game security seems very fashionable at the moment as a way of placating annoyed players.

It’ll be hard to ever be certain whether this strategy will have the desired effect. Still, at the end of the day, it’s better than forcing all players to struggle past Denuvo DRM in Doom Eternal. So at least this is progress.

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