Doom Eternal’s Precious Metals event is a go

Doom Eternal’s Precious Metals event is a go

Ready for action right now is Doom Eternal’s latest event, titled Precious Metals. Brace yourself, the Empowered Demons are coming.

I feel so empowered

Here’s a new wrinkle for Doom Eternal, “Empowered Demons”. If you’re a fan then you might know what those are, but if not then they’re basically nastier demons, and will be tougher to beat than usual. They’re also a kind of ‘revenge’ gimmick though. Empowers will be imported into your games from other people’s campaigns, who’ve been killed by them. Kind of neat.

They’re not alone in Precious Metals though, since you’ll also find improvements to the core Doom Eternal experience, as well as a host of Battlemode additions and MC Pain. What, you’ve never seen a deejaying Pain Elemental before?

Here’s what’s new as of today:

  • Empowered Demons – Avenge fallen Slayers by killing empowered variants of demons that took those players out. These demons offer a greater challenge and provide large amounts of resources and bonus event XP when defeated.
  • Precious Metals Event – Today kicks off the latest event in DOOM Eternal, dubbed Precious Metals, offering shiny new cosmetics to work toward including the MC Pain Master Collection! Players can simply hop into BATTLEMODE, Campaign, or complete weekly challenges to start advancing their event progress XP now.
  • Single Player Quality-of-Life Improvements – Since launch, we’ve been listening to players’ feedback and Update 1 addresses some of the top issues we’re hearing. Some of these changes include expanded demon tutorials, the ability to dash vertically in water and reducing toxic damage while swimming.
  • BATTLEMODE Updates – We’re adding a suite of features designed to improve the overall experience in BATTLEMODE:

    • Deaths in BATTLEMODE now display a death report to show players what killed them
    • Prestige stars now appear under the player card to highlight the most dedicated players
    • Addressed latency and lag issues
    • Tutorials now appear for all players when playing BATTLEMODE for the first time
    • Echelon Leveling for players at the maximum level

For even more details on DOOM Eternal Update 1, visit: Slayers Club

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