Dota 2’s Anti-Mage Persona walks the Disciple’s Path today

Dota 2’s Anti-Mage Persona walks the Disciple’s Path today

A 200MB patch has hit Dota 2, adding in the Disciple’s Path Persona for Anti-Mage.

This is the Battle Pass reward for hitting level 305, and while I wasn’t super keen on it at first, I now adore it. Firstly, I’m 99% certain this Persona is voiced by Laura Bailey, and that’s excellent. Secondly, she mocks the hell out of Anti-Mage’s voice lines and usage of Olde English. And thirdly, the model and animations… actually seem slightly higher quality than usual? That may just be my eyes.

Dota 2 walks the Disciple’s Path

Dota 2 Disciple's Path 02

I get kind of an Avatar: The Last Airbender feel about this. And I love it.

As with the others, this Persona effectively “replaces” Anti-Mage with an entirely new model. Specifically, when equipped in your loadout, it replaces Anti-Mage with his disciple, Wei. New model, new animations, new voice, and new everything else that indicates it’s Anti-Mage. So map icon, hero portrait, etc.

The downside is that you need your Battle Pass to hit level 305 to unlock this, and there’s no other way to get it. If we’re going by previous Battle Pass rewards, there’ll also never be another way to get it. As such, you’re either going to have to pump a lot of hours into Dota 2, or a lot of cash into Valve’s money receptacle. Not a euphemism.

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Dota 2 Wei 3

If you don’t have a level 305 Battle Pass, then you’ll still see this Persona pop up in-game when others pick Anti-Mage. By which I mean: in every single bloody game for the next week or so, because everyone will want to show this off. The free comic goes into a little background about who Wei is, and I’m always keen for a peek behind the curtain at Dota 2‘s fleshed-out (and incredibly hidden) lore. There are also three wallpapers, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Disciple’s Path Persona is available now, but only for those with a level 305 Battle Pass. You can check out the official page to get a look at the animations and sounds, or you can hop into the game for free and demo Wei to see them for yourself.

Dota 2 Disciple's Path 01

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