Double the Marvel Minimates, double the awesome

A pair of Marvel Minimates series hit stores this week from DST. A brand new Fantastic Four set and ‘Best of’ series 2 await at your local comic shop.

Best of Marvel Minimates series 2 includes a ton of fan favorites like Venom (classic Eddie Brock Venom), Deadpool, Loki, and the Punisher while the Fantastic Four series has some of the best versions of the famed characters I’ve seen – in or out of the Minimate form factor.

The 48th assortment of Marvel Minimates, available now in comic shops and specialty stores from Diamond Select Toys, is dedicated entirely to the world of the Fantastic Four! Team leader Mr. Fantastic comes with manipulative foe the Puppet Master, the hotheaded Human Torch comes with the explosive Blastarr, the force field-wielding Invisible Woman comes with a Moloid, and the rare variant set includes a Moloid and blind sculptress Alicia Masters!

Also in stores is the Best of Marvel Minimates Series 2! The first “Best of” assortment was such a success that DST has taken eight more superstars of the Marvel Universe – both heroes and villains – and made the absolute best Minimates they can make of each character, exclusively for the specialty market! In this new assortment, the Hulk comes paired with trickster god Loki, blind vigilante Daredevil comes with the maniacal Venom, the mercenary Deadpool faces off with the unrelenting Punisher, and the stretching Mr. Fantastic comes with his nemesis Doctor Doom!

If you missed the guys in the Best of series the first time around, that makes this a very big week for your Minimates collection. Even if you have all of ’em already though, the FF series still makes for a fantastic (see what I did there?) week with some strong sculpts all by itself.

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